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Jennifer Poloni Principal


I have 15 years of pharmaceutical industry experience as a sales representative, sales trainer and as a district manager. I have hired two complete sales districts due to expansions and product launches. I understand the importance and challenges of hiring top talent. As a manager I quickly learned hiring is the most difficult yet most critical function. Since 1999 I have worked as a recruiter in marketing and market research for pharmaceutical and biotech companies. I won several awards for top recruiter performance while being part of MRINetwork, and continue to remain a leader across the executive recruiting industry.


My success as a recruiter has come from bringing top talent to the organizations I work with. Several of the candidates I have placed have been promoted quickly which is an important measure to my personal success as a recruiter. I work with my companies to understand their needs to bring them the best “talent fit” for the position(s). It is extremely important to discuss the hiring process with both the company and candidates. The process must move quickly to assure that the company gets the talent they are seeking. My goal is to be the first person that comes to mind when a hiring authority has a position they are seeking to fill.

“Jennifer has been instrumental in the buildup of my global team in a difficult context. She did understand very well my HR needs and always came up with appropriate candidates. Well-done!.”

Francois Martelet, CEO

“Jennifer is a pleasure to work with. She has been helpful over the years both with job searches and on the flip side I would consider her to help me fill positions as well. She has always presented strong, quality opportunities, helped through the negotiation process and done so with great integrity for the best outcome for the candidate and the company. Jennifer is well networked and does a great job matching the right people with the right career opportunities.”

Amy Cavers, General Manager- Commercial Lead

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