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Nick Poloni
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Nick Poloni Executive Recruiter


Prior to starting in the recruiting industry, I was working in sales. I graduated from Oregon State University (GO BEAVS!) with a degree in communications and minor in business. Although I did enjoy sales, there were many times which I felt as if I did not bring value to an organization or individual.  I enjoy recruiting because I am able to bring value to both an organization as well as an individual. Recruiting in the pharmaceutical industry is amazing because the people who you work and talk with on a daily basis are all passionate about helping people who have had been struck with a terrible illness. The respect that I have for the talented individuals who create the technology to save lives is incredible. They are all brilliant, hardworking and gifted people. I strive each day to help those individuals meet the career goals.


In measuring my success as a recruiter I look at the positive effects an individual has done at the company which I have placed him or her. A quick promotion by that individual is one of the ways I measure my success. I don’t just look at the requirements of the company and the resume of the candidates. As I do believe those are important aspects of the hiring process, they are not the only aspects to be looked at. I want to make sure that a candidate fits well with the companies culture and has similar values to what the company was founded on in order to achieve complete gratification. Being a recruiter is one of the best jobs in the world. You get to help people find their dream jobs, while helping companies solve real problems through human talent.

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